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Dianabol (methandrostenolone) – Anabolics 2002 – Ingles

Dianabol® (methandrostenolone):

Trade name Strength
Ammipire 5 mg tab 1000 tablet tub Ammipire Pharmaceutical Co. Thailand
Anabol tablets [NLM] 5 mg tab 1000 tablet tub L.P Standard Labs. Co. Thailand
Anabol tablets 5 mg tab 1000 tablet tub British Dispensary Thailand
Anabolex 3 mg tab 100 tablet box Ethical Dom. Republic
Anabolin [NLM] 5 mg tab Leiras FL
Anabolin [NLM] 0.5% cream Leiras FL
Andoredan 5 mg tab Takeshima-Kodama Japan
Bionabol 2 mg tab 40 tablet bottle Pharmacia Co. Dupnitza BG
Bionabol 5 mg tab 40 tablet bottle Pharmacia Co. Dupnitza BG
Danabol DS 10 mg tab 500 tablet bottle March Pharmaceutical Company Thailand
Dialone [NLM] 5 mg tab 100 tablet bottle Major U.S.
Dianabol [NLM] 5 mg tab 100 tablet bottle Ciba GB, G. U.S.
Encephan 5 mg tab Sato Japan
Metanabol 5 mg tab 20 tablet box Polfa PL
Metanabol 1 mg tab 20 tablet box Polfa PL
Metanabol 0.5% cream Polfa PL
Methandon 5 mg tab 1000 tablet tub Acdhon Co. Thailand
Methandrostenolonum 5 mg tab 100 tablets Russia
Neo-Anabolene 5 mg tab 10 tablet strip Haurus Indonesia
Nerobol 5 mg tab 20 tablet box Galenica YU; Gedeon Ritcher HU, BG
Pronabol-5 5 mg tab 100 tablet box P&B Labs. Private Ltd. India
Restauvit [NLM] 2 mg tab Ciba, Rugby MX
Stenolon [NLM] 5 mg tab 20 tablet box Leciva CZ
Stenolon [NLM] 1 mg tab 20 tablet box Leciva CZ
Trinergic [NLM] 5 mg cap Unimed India
Naposim 5 mg tab 20 tablet box Terapia Rumania
Anabolikum 2.5% [NLM] 25 mg/ml 50 ml Meca G
D-Bol 10 mg cap 96 caps box, 300 caps box Denkall MX
D-Bol 25 mg/ml 10 ml vial Denkall MX
Ganabol 25 mg/ml 50 ml vial Salud MX
Metandiabol 25 mg/ml 50 ml Quimper Mexico
Methandienone 5, 10 mg tab 100, 1000 tablet bottle Ttokkyo MX
Reforvit 25 mg/ml 10 ml / 50 ml Loeffler Mexico
Reforvit 25 mg/tab 100, 300 tablet bottle Loeffler Mexico

Dianabol is the old Ciba brand name for the oral steroid methandrostenolone. It is a derivative of testosterone, exhibiting strong anabolic and moderate androgenic properties. This compound was first made available in 1960, and it quickly became the most favored and widely used anabolic steroid in all forms of athletics. This is likely due to the fact that it is both easy to use and extremely effective. In the U.S. Dianabol production had meteoric history, exploding for quite some time, then quickly dropping out of sight. Many were nervous in the late 80’s when the last of the U.S. generics were removed from pharmacy shelves, the medical community finding no legitimate use for the drug anymore. But the fact that Dianabol has been off the U.S. market for over 10 years now has not cut its popularity. It remains the most commonly used black market oral steroid in the U.S. As long as there are countries manufacturing this steroid, it will probably remain so.

Similar to testosterone and Anadrol 50®, Dianabol is a potent steroid, but also one which brings about noticeable side effects. For starters methandrostenolone is quite estrogenic. Gynecomastia is likewise often a concern during treatment, and may present itself quite early into a cycle (particularly when higher doses are used). At the same time water retention can become a pronounced problem, causing a notable loss of muscle definition as both subcutaneous water and fat build. Sensitive individuals may therefore want to keep the estrogen under control with the addition of an antiestrogen such as Nolvadex® and/or Proviron®. The stronger drug Arimidex® (anti¬aromatase) would be a better choice, but can also be quite expensive in comparison to standard estrogen maintenance therapies.

In addition, androgenic side effects are common with this substance, and may include bouts of oily skin, acne and body/facial hair growth. Aggression may also be increased with a potent steroid such as this, so it would be wise not to let your disposition change for the worse during a cycle. With Dianabol there is also the possibility of aggravating a male pattern baldness condition. Sensitive individuals may therefore wish to avoid this drug and opt for a milder anabolic such as Deca-Durabolin©. While Dianabol does convert to a more potent steroid via interaction with the 5-alpha reductase enzyme (the same enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone), it has extremely little affinity to do so in the human body’s. The androgenic metabolite 5¬alpha dihydromethandrostenolone is therefore produced only in trace amounts at best. The benefit received from Proscar®/Propecia® would therefore be insignificant, the drug serving no real purpose.

Being moderately androgenic, Dianabol is really only a popular steroid with men. When used by women, strong virilization symptoms are of course a possible result. Some do however experiment with it, and find low doses (5mg) of this steroid extremely powerful for new muscle growth. Whenever administered, Dianabol will produce exceptional mass and strength gains. In effectiveness it is often compared to other strong steroids like testosterone and Anadrol 50®, and it is likewise a popular choice for bulking purposes. A daily dosage of 4-5 tablets (20-25mg) is enough to give almost anybody dramatic results. Some do venture much higher in dosage, but this practice usually leads to a more profound incidence of side effects. It additionally adds well with a number of other steroids. It is noted to mix particularly well with the mild anabolic Deca-Durabolin®. Together one can expect an exceptional muscle and strength gains, with side effects not much worse than one would expect from Dianabol alone. For all out mass, a long acting testosterone ester like enanthate can be used. With the similarly high estrogen ic/androgenic properties of this androgen, side effects may be extreme with such a combination however. Gains would be great as well, which usually makes such an endeavor worthwhile to the user. As discussed earlier, ancillary drugs can be added to reduce the side effects associated with this kind of cycle.

In order to withstand oral administration, this compound is c17 alpha alkylated. We know that this alteration protects the drug from being deactivation by the liver (allowing nearly all of the drug entry into the bloodstream), however it can also be toxic to this organ. Prolonged exposure to c17 alpha alkylated substances can result in actual damage, possibly even the development of certain kinds of cancer. To be safe one might want to visit the doctor a couple of times during each cycle to keep an eye on their liver enzyme values. Cycles should also be kept short, usually less than 8 weeks long to avoid doing any noticeable damage. Jaundice (bile duct obstruction) is usually the first visible sign of liver trouble, and should be looked out for. This condition produces an unusual yellowing of the skin, as the body has trouble processing bilirubin. In addition to the skin, the whites of the eyes may also yellow, a clear indicator of trouble. Should this occur the drug should be discontinued immediately and a doctor visited. This is usually a point where further, permanent damage can be avoided.

It is also interesting to note that methandrostenolone is structurally identical to boldenone, except that it contains the added c17 alpha alkyl group discussed above. This fact makes clear the impact of altering a steroid in such a way, as these two compounds appear to act very differently in the body. The main dissimilarity seems to lie in the tendency for estrogenic side effects, which seems to be much more pronounced with Dianabol. Equipoise® is known to be quite mild in this regard, and users therefore commonly take this drug without any need to addition an antiestrogen. Dianabol is much more estrogenic not because it is more easily aromatized, as in fact the 17 alpha methyl group and c1-2 double bond both slow the process of aromatization. The problem is that methandrostenolone converts to 17alpha methylestradiol, a more biologically active form of estrogen than regular estradiol. But Dianabol also appears to be much more potent in terms of muscle mass compared to boldenone, supporting the notion that estrogen does play an important role in anabolism. In fact boldenone and methandrostenolone differ so much in their potencies as anabolics that the two are rarely though of as related. As a result, the use of Dianabol is typically restricted to bulking phases of training while Equipoise® is considered an excellent cutting or lean-mass building steroid.

The half-life of Dianabol is only about 3 to 5 hours, a relatively short time. This means that a single daily dosage schedule will produce a varying blood level, with ups and downs throughout the day. The user likewise has a choice, to either split up the tablets during the day or to take them all at one time. The usual recommendation has been to divide them and try to regulate the concentration in your blood. This however, will produce a lower peak blood level than if the tablets were taken all at once, so there may be a trade off with this option. The steroid researcher Bill Roberts also points out that a single-episode dosing schedule should have a less dramatic impact on the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis, as there is a sufficient period each day where steroid hormone levels are not extremely exaggerated. I tend to doubt hormonal stability can be maintained during such a cycle however, but do notice that anecdotal evidence often still supports single daily doses to be better for overall results. Perhaps this is the better option. Since we know the blood concentration will peak about 1.5 to 3 hours after administration, we may further wonder the best time to take our tablets. It seems logical that taking the pills earlier in the day, preferably some time before training, would be optimal. This would allow a considerable number of daytime hours for an androgen rich metabolism to heighten the uptake of nutrients, especially the critical hours following training.

Athletes are also often asking how to go about cycling 100 tablets when that is the only amount available to use. Although most strongly prefer to cycle at least 200 tablets, half this amount can be used successfully. The goal should be to intake an effective amount, but also to stretch it for as long as possible. We can do this by taking four tablets daily during the week (Monday to Friday) and abstaining on the weekend. This gives us a weekly total of 20 tablets, 100 tabs lasting the user five weeks. This should be a long enough time to receive noticeable gains from the drug, particularly if you have not used steroid extensively before. Although unconventional, it is not necessary to vary the pill dosage throughout a cycle. This method should provide a much more consistent gain than if attempting an intricate pyramid schedule, which can eat up most of your pills during dosage adjustments. As discussed earlier in this book, tapering the dosage toward the end would offer us no real benefit.

On the U.S. black market, one can find a variety of Dianabol preparations. Among the more popular today are the Ttokkyo 5mg and 10mg tablets from Mexico. These come in bottles of 100 or 1000 tablets, and have been circulating the black market in extremely high volumes. The 10mg version actually replaced the 5mg in the Ttokkyo product line, however both will probably be found circulating for some time. The Ttokkyo tablets bear a striking resemblance to the tiny pink Anabol tablets from Thailand, which are also still popular on the black market. Methandon is also available from Thailand, but is currently much less popular in the U.S. than the Anabol tabs. Also from this country is a new 10mg product called Danabol, produced in bottles of 500 tabs by the March Pharmaceutical Company. Reforvit is a Mexican veterinary injectable, which is prepared in a strength of 25mg/ml. A 50 ml bottle contains the equivalent of 250 tablets and sells for a reasonable price. A 10mí vial is also produced but rarely seen in the U.S. Most users opt to take this item orally as it is just as effective as tablets (and much less painful than injecting). One can purchase empty gelatin capsules in the health food store and inject Reforvit into them with a needle. Look for the ’00’ size capsule, which can hold one full ml of solution. More recently its manufacturer Loeffler has introduced an oral version, carrying a whopping 25mg of steroid per tablet. Denkall also makes 10mg capsules and a 25mg/ml injectable of this steroid, which are also commonly found in the U.S. as of late. The Russian generic product (METAHAPOCTEHOROH) tablets are also still found in the U.S., although the packaging of this steroid has been updated recently to reflect a more detailed tablet strip and box.

As of the printing of Anabolics 2000 I reported no preparation that was being made in a dosage over 5mg, but just two years later we now have several preparations carrying 10mg, and one weighing in with an incredible 25mg per tablet. That equates to 5 normal Dianabol tablets worth of steroid, which I think is clearly indicative of a new trend in steroid manufacturing. Understanding that the steroid market in many parts of the world really caters to athletes, many producers have seemingly been rushing to release newer and more shockingly high dosed products. Not only Dianabol, but also versions of testosterone cypionate, testosterone propionate, nandrolone decanoate, nandrolone laurate, stanozolol, boldenone undecylenate and oxandrolone have been released in the past two years carrying higher dosages than ever before seen commercially. With the extremely lucrative market for steroids at this time there is little doubt that this trend will continue.


The most popular legitimate items today are probably the Ttokkyo 5mg and 10mg tabs, the Denkall D-Bol 10mg capsules and 25mg/ml injectable and both injectable and oral versions of Reforvit from Loeffler. These products are extremely abundant in their country of manufacture (Mexico), and due to its close proximity now dominate the U.S. black market. The Ttokkyo tablets look identical to the Thai Anabol tablets described below, however are a more reliable purchase because the manufacturer has used a security hologram to assure an authentic product is being purchased. No fakes however are also known to exist. Denkall also protects with a hologram, and is an equally reliable product.

With injectable Reforvit you can also do a quick test to see if you’ve got a legit product. With this product the injectable solution is based in propylene glycol, not oil. Added water will mix with the propylene glycol and force the steroid out of the solution, as it is not water-soluble. 1/2ml Reforvit and 2 1/2 ml water inside a syringe should work fine for this. After mixing, you will notice that the liquid will begin to cloud up. This is the steroid precipitating out of the solution. Should you fail to notice any crystals form, you have an item with no steroid. Additionally no counterfeits of oral Reforvit have yet to be identified, making it a reliable purchase at this time.

The pink Anabol tablets, shaped like pentagons, are still popular here today. They are made in Thailand and packaged only in tubs of 1000. These tubs are commonly broken up and the tabs sold loose. Up until recently one could have complete trust that they were buying the real item when seeing these tablets, but unfortunately things ° have changed. The black market now circulates a high volume of bogus Anabol tablets, identical to the original in shape and color, but devoid of real ingredient. The fake is identifiable because it is much thinner (about 2-2.5mm thick) than the real tablet (which measures about 3 mm). The real tablet also has a more pronounced lip around the edge of the tablet face. The fake tablets have a press-mark, but it is much less noticeable in comparison. Hopefully we have some time before this product is improved. To be on the safe side you may want to become more familiar with your source, and preferably try to locate the original tub when making a purchase (although this is still no guarantee). Recently the manufacturer on the Anabol label was switched from LP Standard to the British Dispensary. The packaging specifics however remain the same.

Danabol DS is a new 10 mg version of Dianabol from the March Pharmaceutical Company in Thailand. It comes in bottles of 500 very distinct blue tablets, formed in the shape of hearts. To spite the cheap appearance of the bottle however, this product is legit, and can be trusted when found as no fakes are yet known to exist.

Ganabol from Salud in Mexico is a legitimate new injectable methandrostenolone product. Like the Denkall item, Ganabol uses oil for a solvent instead of the propylene glycol in Reforvit, which makes it much more comfortable to inject.

Methandon from Thailand is another legit item, but packaged like Anabol. 1000 small white tablets come to a tub. These are rarely seen in the U.S. but should be considered real when found in the original container.

Pronabol from India was popular at one time, however has not been seen lately. It may be out of manufacture. On the chance that it might be located still, I have included the original counterfeit advice from Anabolics 2000. Both the real and the fake item were packaged in a vacuum-sealed, foil strip of 10 tablets. 10 strips fit into a box. The tabs were both are white, with a score mark on one side. The only noticeable difference between the two was the printing color on the foil. The real item had blue ink on the face, with a very light purple tint to it. The fake had all the exact print as the real but the ink was a much deeper purple, which could not be confused for any shade of blue.

Russian D (METAHAPOCTEHOROH): Dianabol from Russia is still a popular find in the U.S., and an excellent item if you are purchasing the real thing. Recently the packaging for this product has been updated. The newer strips are more detailed, with a raised separator to divide the right and left row of pills,. The box is also much more colorful than the old drab green and black packaging.

Bionabol: These tabs from Bulgaria have been circulating recently and are of good quality. Fakes are around as well so be sure to purchase them only in the correct 40 tablet container. The real item is not produced in bottles of 100.

Anabolex: These 3mg tabs from the Dominican Republic are currently a safe buy. They come in a white plastic strip of 10 tablets, 10 strips to a box. Note that each pill contains an added 1.5mg of Periactin, used as an appetite stimulant. Its an antihistamine and may cause drowsiness.

Metanabol from Poland is another legit brand, but be sure to purchase these only in strips of 20 tabs. Nerobol from Hungary is legit but only purchase this in 10 tablet strips, 2 strips to a box.

Naposim from Rumania is another legit brand that is not widely seen here in the U.S. The packaging of this product has recently changed from bottles to foil and plastic strips. A white and orange colored box contains two strips of 10 tablets each.

Humabol is a fake product, avoid. Humabol is not a real brand name, nor is Dianabol produced in Greece.

Some rules to live buy:

Dianabol is only made in the following regions: E. Europe (Former Soviet countries), Thailand, Mexico, India and the Dominican Republic. Never Buy Dianabol from elsewhere! Italy and Greece are popular choices of fake marketers but these countries do not produce any legitimate methandrostenolone.

Aside from the Russian generic (spelled in Cyrillic something like METAHAPOCTEHOROH) and the Ttokkyo products from Mexico, no legitimate Dianabol product will bear only the generic name (methandrostenolone or methandienone). There are tons of generic strips circulating, but they are all fake. Purchase only the previously mentioned brand names.

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