4-Androstendione --> ¿Qué es?

Hace tiempo, cuando recién empezaba en esto del gym, me vendieron (y digo bien, por qué me la colaron de mala manera) un suplemento.

Este suplemento, me lo vendieron, como lo más de lo más, y aunque realmente funciona, básicamente lo ganado se fue a los días de acabar con él.

Su nombre era Xtrem Mass Builder, y me lo vendieron como un prohormonal. A día de hoy, estoy casi seguro, que no tenía nada ni de pro, ni de hormonal.

Pero a la hora de ir a realizar mi primer ciclo, tengo la duda de saber que coño fue lo que me metí (y de lo que me arrepiento enormemente, no por tener ningún tipo de efectos secundarios, que gracias a DIOS no he tenido, sino por haberme atrevido a meterme “algo” sin saber que era).

Os pongo a continuación su composición:

*Ácido Thiotico

Creo que afortunadamente, lo únic que hice fue tirar el dinero, pero me gustaría saber si conoceis algo de estos compuestos.

No me asusteis mucho. :lol:

Saludos y gracias.

las prohormonas, quien sabe algo de ellas ? :roll:

  1. What is it and where does it come from?

Androstenedione (Andro), pronounced andro-steen-dee-own, is a direct precursor to the hormone testosterone. It was the first prohormone to really break into the sports nutrition industry.

Although andro was discovered in 1935, it wasn�t until scientists learned that it became testosterone in the body in the 1950�s that it was seriously considered. Androstenedione is naturally produced in men and women, and is found in Scotch pine trees. What? Scotch pine trees? Yes, and this simple fact classifies it as a dietary supplement. Bodybuilding.com�s product is high quality pharmaceutical grade, purified Androstenedione.

Prohormones Banned Jan. 20th, 2005
On January 20th, 2005 the US Federal Gorvenment’s ban on prohormones took effect. Don’t worry though, we have numerous other products that work just as well. Find out more about these alternatives.

  1. What does it do and what scientific studies give evidence to support this?

Andro, much like DHEA, can have powerful effects on muscle-building and athletic performance. DHEA is two steps away from becoming testosterone. However, unlike DHEA, andro is only one step away from testosterone. Therefore, by itself, it is not a muscle builder; but after the liver converts it to testosterone-watch out, BIG gains are on their way. Studies conducted on andro indicate that when taken orally, androstenedione produces significantly more testosterone than either a placebo or DHEA. In fact, East German athletes have used andro to improve their athletic performance in the Olympics since 1980. According to German records, their athletes experienced raises in testosterone levels as significant as 140% to 183% of normal with 50 mg of andro and incredibly 211% to 237% of normal with 100 mg of andro! These testosterone boosts have lead many athletes to improving their performance and lean muscle mass. This has lead many to believe that it may even work well as a libido booster.

  1. Who needs it and what are some symptoms of deficiency?

Those who would benefit most from androstenedione supplementation are those who are into bodybuilding, weight training, and demanding sports. Due to its incredible testosterone producing effects (only one step away), andro has emerged as an important almost magical supplement. Since androstenedione is not an essential nutrient, it is not associated with deficiency.

  1. How much should be taken? Are there any side effects?

Most experts recommend supplementing with andro in doses between 50 to 100 mg in the morning or 60 minutes before working out, since that�s when testosterone levels peak. Experts suggest the best way to take andro is by cycling it. The proper cycle is six weeks of taking it followed by two weeks off. Some small side effects are acne, a decrease in HDL (the good cholesterol), and prostate hypertrophy. It is not recommended for women, as it could lead to a lower voice, facial hair, and acne. Also, anyone with heart problems should consult a doctor before supplementing with androstenedione. Andro is very safe. It is not a drug like anabolic steroids (the illegal ones), therefore it doesn�t pose a threat as a liver or kidney toxifier.