Advanced Calf Training

Below I have a Calf training program, which will make even the “no calves at all” people add a few inches. Here’s how it works:

I usually train my calves every Tuesday and Friday. But sometimes you have a grow-stop
[training plateau]
which seems to last forever. That is the moment I fall back on this schedule. But it will hurt like hell! I use it only once and a while, when I really need to.

If you follow this program for 6 weeks, you will not be able to walk normal for that time. But my calves grew in 6 weeks 2 cm.


First warm up your calves with only some calf-raises on the stairs or something for 2 x 20 reps with only your bodyweight.

Then you go to the standing calf-raise machine. And you put the weight on 30kg. (about one third of the weight you can do 15 reps max with).

And you start training rep after rep, it will burn like hell but you keep continuing till you have done 100 reps. At a point (in my case at about 50 reps) you will not be able to break through the pain anymore.

Then just lower your calves and stretch for about 10 seconds. And continue after that, you might do another 20 reps before you stretch again for 10 seconds. When you reach the 100, your calves will be pumped like you never trained before.

Then wait for 3 or 4 minutes (do a lot of stretching at that time, you will need it) and than do 3 sets of seated calf raise for about 20 reps each. And stretch after that once more!

Friday :

I hope the pain has decreased a bit; if not you might skip this training and do it one workout later. This training will not be as painful as the other one.

First you do toe-presses on the leg press, your reps should be 20, 10, 8, 6 . . . With real heavy weight. Power is the key-word here!

Then you go to the standing calf raise and go for 20 reps with normal weight first. Then you go real heavy for 6 reps. Than a bit lighter for 15 reps and then heavy again for 8 reps. Then, as a desert you do some stretching and finish it all off with one set till failure, doing calf raises just with your bodyweight on the stairs (one leg at the time).

Stretch again and enjoy the pain. If you do this for about 6 weeks, and then fall back to your old program, you’ll have calves bigger than they ever were! Try it, it works.

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