CARDIO QUESTIONS.... First Part...

Hi, I read this interesting article by Greg Merritt about cardio in a magazine so I want to share it with you, I tried to resume it because it was too long, Enjoy it!!!

What is aerobics? Aerobic literally menas “with oxygen”. A simple definition of aerobic exercise is low-to medium-intensity repetition training that promotes overall cardiovascular fitness. In a broader sense, aerobics is the best way to rapidly burn calories; thus it helps one lose excess bodyfat while maintaining (unless cardio work is carried to an extreme) muscle mass.

Why perfomr aerobics? Cardio work can reduce blood pressure, lower the risk of heart disease, improve lung function and lessen stress. The primary reason bodybuilders perform cardio, though, is to lose fat.

How much intensity is right? Basically, high-intensity aerobics is for both a muscle and a cardio workout. High-intensity includes high-impact dance classes, kickboxing and sprinting. Mosto of those cardio categories are inappropriate for bodybuilders, simply because you will already be training your muscles with weights. Jarring, taxing, high-intensity aerobics will sap strength from your weight training, and it has a great potential to cause muscle and joint injuries. Instead, you should utilize lower-intensity aerobics.
Maintain a controlled pace, your heart should be pumping at your target rate when bicycling, walking, jogging, swimming, climbing stairs, etc. In this way, you will increase your cardiovascular fitness and burn calories while avoiding the injuries and overtraining that can come with high-intensity work.

Which aerobic activity is best? Personal preference should dictate the low-intensity aerobic workout you choose. Stationary bikes, treadmills and stair climbers are low impact and can be utilized with low-to midrange intensity. Also, they each focus on the thighs to varying degrees. Avoid aerobic exercises that concentrate on the arms, because such movements use less energy per hour and do not work your cardiovascular system to the same degree as leg exercises.

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