buenas tardes a todos, quiero preguntar acerca de un “suplemento” de nombre “Halovar” de purus labs, alguien lo a probado? sabe que contiene? toca el eje? hoy me hablaron maravillas de el y quiero saber basicamente si lo recomiendan. gracias de antemano


Purus Labs Halovar Inslinsified Dual Hormone Activator - 60 Capsules

Purus Labs Halovar™

The structural compound behind HALOVAR is (4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1, 4-diene-3-17b-diol). Halovar™ exhibits an extremely high anabolic to androgenic ratio translating into hard and consistent muscle gains with NO aromatization. These gains are notably extremely dry and lean in nature, making this product a favorite for the pre-contest athlete, or as an anabolic adjunct to any mass stack. Users realize a solid, consistent accumulation of quality musculature for an extended period of time.

“InSLINsified™” Proprietary Insulin Mimetic and Potentiation Complex

In an effort to elevate and differentiate our products the new PURUS LABS™ products have been “InSLINsified™.” Quite simply, we wanted to be the first to include “pro-insulin” ingredients in conjunction with “pro-anabolic” products. It is insulin, not testosterone, not growth hormone that reins king of all the body’s anabolic hormones. From nutrient repartitioning, increased glycogen storage, increased protein synthesis, to muscle cell volumization, the anabolic effects of insulin cannot be overlooked. This is precisely why we have chosen to include our InSLINsified matrix, consisting of only research proven insulin potentiators and mimetics, in all our “pro-anabolic” products at no additional cost to you. InSLINsified™ consists of chromium picolinate, cinnamon bark extract, fenugreek, and ALA (alpha lipolic acid), all of which have medical research warranting their inclusion in our matrix.

InSLINsified™ Benefits Include:

* Increased post-exercise glycogen resynthesis.
* Enhance GLUT 4 trafficking and insulin stimulated glucose transport.
* Lower insulin resistance/ increase insulin sensitivity.
* Increase carbohydrate metabolism.
* Improve glucose utilization.
* Enhance insulin signaling pathway in skeletal muscle.

Purus Labs Recycle All Natural Hormone Exhilirator- 100 Capsules

A plethora of medical research has been combed through tenaciously to formulate the most avant-garde, natural endogenous testosterone amplifier this industry has ever seen. Purus Labs ReCycle™ was strategically designed to address all the major endocrinological issues associated with optimizing testosterone levels. ReCycle™ elevates free testosterone by increasing natural production of Lutenizing Hormone, inhibits estrogen by blocking the nasty aromatase enzyme, cripples SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) so testosterone molecules can be unbound to exert their anabolic effects, blocks DHT by preventing it from binding to the androgen receptor, lowers cortisol, and fully rejuvenates the HPTA (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testicular Axis) allowing for maximum anabolism and minimal catabolism. ALL constituents of the ReCycle™ hormone exhilaration matrix have been substantiated through peer reviewed medical/scientific research and testing. Consider all other natural testosterone boosters OBSOLETE!

Purus Labs Recycle Key Features:

* Propel Test Production.
* Rejuvenate HPTA.
* Inhibit Estrogen.
* Block DHT.
* Blunt Cortisol.
* Cripple SHBG.
* 9 proven compounds backed by peer-reviewed medical research!
* Can be used for both natural test elevation or p ost-cycle therapy (PCT).

Recycle represents a new breed of all natural testosterone boosters. The days of ineffective Tribulus Terrestris, Avena Sativa, and Longjack formulas are long gone. Every single cuttingedge component of Recycle is backed by peer-reviewed medical research to elicit exactly the effects we claim. Perfect for all natural Testosterone elevation or post cycle therapy (PCT).

HPTA Upregulating Matrix – (SHBG Inhibition/ Cortisol Suppression) (Lutenizing Hormone Elevation/ Free Testosterone Elicitation)

  Basella Alba (10:1) has shown to have androgenic bioactive components increasing the Testosterone production in testes slices 34-60%. A separate study showed significant Testosterone elevation in leydig cells of bull testes while another study recorded a 17% weight gain amongst rats and a concurrent 80% increase in serum Testosterone in just 15 days!

  Icariin (40% std. from Epimedium) is the most touted flavanoid found in horny goat weed. Lab studies have verified its Testosterone mimetic capabilities by improving circulating levels of Testosterone and the condition of reproductive organs. This wonder ingredient has also been shown in vivo to be an estrogen receptor antagonist (blocking estrogen thus increasing testosterone), a vasodilator (allowing more nutrient carrying blood to the muscles), and an effective inhibitor of PDE-5, a la Viagra!

  3, 4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran (95% std. from Nettle Root), extracted at the highest purity from stinging nettle root, has shown in multiple studies to have the highest binding affinity for SHBG of all lignans investigated thus far. As aforementioned, less SHBG allows greater amounts of free Testosterone! 

Aromatase Inhibition/ Estrogen Modulation/ DHT Block

Now we have an abundance of FREE, muscle building Testosterone floating around ready to engage cell receptors, yet we encounter another obstacle…Aromatase. This nuisance to our precious Testosterone is an enzyme that binds to androgens and “aromatizes” (converts) them into estrogen. We must protect our precious Testosterone from aromatization much like we did earlier from SHBG.

Less Aromatase = Less Estrogen Conversion = More Testosterone Salvaged.

Too much DHT is most commonly associated with causing androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness), benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH), and prostate cancer. Obviously, we need to prevent the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme from binding to our Testosterone as well as excessive amounts of DHT from binding to the androgen receptor to alleviate potential side effects of increased Testosterone levels.

So now we know we need to inhibit aromatase, thus decreasing estrogen conversion, prevent excessive amounts of DHT from binding to the androgen receptor, and prevent the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase from binding to our Testosterone. The second strategic portion of the Recycle™ matrix handles all of this with ease!

  Bladderwrack (Fucus Vesiculosis) has been shown to prevent the binding of estradiol and progesterone to their receptor sites thus lowering endogenous levels of both.

  White Button Mushroom Extract (Agaricus Bisporis) is loaded with aromatase inhibiting phytochemicals that are postulated to work through multiple inhibitory mechanisms. These compounds are so noteworthy Beckman Research Institute is presently studying for prostate and estrogen dependent breast cancer prevention! It has also been shown to inhibit the 5-alpha- reductase enzyme from binding to Testosterone and converting it to DHT.

  Trans-3,4’,5-trihydroxystilbene (Resveratrol), a polyphenolic compound structurally similar to estrogen, has been receiving mounds of attention as of late due to its anti-cancer, anti-estrogen, life extension, and cardiovascular benefits. For our purposes, it is included for its proven testosterone boosting, anti-aromatization, and vasodilating properties. Resveratrol has been shown in lab studies to elicit 51.6% blood Testosterone increases, and 15.8% increases in testicular sperm count. Another study displayed its inhibition of aromatase at the enzyme and mRNA level. Countless other peer reviewed research studies support and substantiate this powerful ingredients’ positive effects. As mentioned above, the less aromatase we have the greater circulating Testosterone we can achieve!

  Indole-3-carbinol (40% std. for 3,3-Diindolylmethane ) is a phytochemical found largely in cruciferous vegetables. One of its major metabolites is DIM (3,3-Diindolylmethane) which has been shown to steer estrogen metabolism in favor of “good” estrogen (2-hydroxyestrone/estradiol) and away from “bad” estrogen, such as 4-hydroxyestradiol. DIM represents a class of relatively non-toxic AhR-based anti-estrogens with SERM type qualities. A study done by University of California, Berkeley, showed through receptor binding assays that DIM is a strong competitive inhibitor of DHT binding to the androgen receptor.

Purus Labs Organ Shield- Protect . Restore Dietary Supplement- 60 Capsules

Purus Labs maintains its focus on bringing you safe, anabolism-inducing product stacks by engineering the most pivotal protection compliment to any “pro-anabolic” cycle. Purus Labs Organ Shield™ was specifically designed to support, protect, and restore hepatic (liver), prostatic (prostate), and cardiovascular (heart) function during times of high stress, such as when using “pro-anabolics.” This blend of specific antioxidants, flavanoids, and phytonutrients scavenges free radicals preventing them from attacking healthy cells as well repairing damaged cells. 365 days a year, whether ON-cycle or OFF-cycle, this is a must for any serious athletes’ arsenal!

Milk Thistle
The antioxidant milk thistle has been used since Greco-Roman times to treat an array of liver ailments. Several studies suggest milk thistle protects the liver from damaging toxins such as alcohol and certain drugs. The active component most responsible for milk thistle’s detoxifying effects is called silymarin. This substance, comprised of several flavonolignands, helps repair liver cells damaged by toxins as well as protecting healthy liver cells. It has also been purported to have cholesterol lowering benefits as well.

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC):
NAC, arguably the pinnacle antioxidant, consists of the amino acid cysteine joined with an acetyl group making it more soluble and more biovailable than L-Cysteine alone. NAC, basically a precursor to glutathione, donates cystiene to form glutathione which is found in the body and produced in the liver. NAC has been shown in studies to prevent cell death and possibly act as a ph buffer.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)
Alpha Lipoic Acid is quite possibly the most novel, multifaceted, and important antioxidants available today. It neutralizes free radicals in both the aqueous and lipid portions of cells, is a key player in the synergism of other antioxidants extending the metabolic life of glutathione and Coenzyme Q-10, repairs liver damage, has blood lipid modulating properties lowering risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD), and enhances insulin function speeding the removal of glucose from the bloodstream and ushering it into muscles.

Beta-Sitosterol is one of many phytosterols, phytochemicals naturally occurring in plants, whose structure closely resembles cholesterol. It has been shown to significantly lower cholesterol and has been used to treat hypercholesterolemia. Its major mechanisms of action are thought to be by preventing the absorption of dietary fat in the intestines where fat is digested and by increasing the flow of cholesterol binding bile acids in the digestive track excreting it in the feces. Beta-Sitosterol has also been proven effective in many studies in treating BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy).

Saw Palmetto
Rich in phytosterols and fatty acids, Saw Palmetto has been used in treating BPH as well as male pattern baldness. This is largely due to its supposed ability to inhibit 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme responsible for converting precious testosterone into DHT, and interfering with DHT’s binding ability to androgen receptors.

A highly active flavonoid, Quercitin, is yet another fierce antioxidant scavenging free radicals within the body. It most notably improves cardiovascular function by preventing the oxidation of LDL thus lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and also possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ-10)
CoQ-10 is a fat soluble, vitamin like antioxidant found in cells. The biosynthesis on which all cellular function depends. It is highly concentrated in the heart due to the high energy requirements of this muscle and has been studied due to the link between people with congestive heart failure and their corresponding low levels of CoQ-10. It also aids in healthy cholesterol levels because it inhibits the oxidation of LDL.

no lo han probado?

Halovar es un clon de la Gaspari Halodrol 50 prosteroid. Se utiliza el 4-cloro-androsta-1 ,4-dien-3, 17 diol. Este esteroide se vende en cápsulas de 25 miligramos, que es una dosis muy baja de este esteroide. El original Halodrol h estaba contaminada con Madol, lo que hizo que fuera mucho más potente que el “Halodrol” solo y dio a la gente mucho mejores resultados. Es un prosterone decente, pero no vale la pena los efectos secundarios del sistema de prestación 17aMethyl como el estrés del hígado, los niveles de colesterol y presión arterial. Sin embargo, si usted lo puede encontrar, el ingrediente activo Halovar es uno de los prosteroids más suave que hay en cuanto a los efectos secundarios. Todavía es técnicamente ilegal y también tiene previsto ser retirado del mercado.

Como un producto de clon, Halovar no es más que una estafa de los productos Gaspari. Puedes leer más acerca de este compuesto, haga clic en el HDrol o Halodrol 50 artículos en este sitio web. De cualquier manera esto no es un esteroide que usted conseguirá toneladas de masa de los y todavía puede causar problemas de problemas de colesterol y presión arterial alta.

Halovar es la calidad muscular de baja

El problema con Halovar no es que va a hacer que el resultado es positivo por esteroides, o incluso que no es muy potente. Es que el músculo ganado en este producto es de muy baja calidad. Si usted quiere tomar una prohormona naturales para obtener ganancias muy rápido y agresivo, la mejor solución es utilizar una hormona verdadera calidad como 3bhydroxy-androst-5-ene-17-ona . Esto le dará 8 12 libras de músculo en un plazo de 30 días en lugar de 18 libras en 3-4 semanas, pero será 12.8 libras que usted puede mantener! Esto hace toda la diferencia. 3beta-Hydroxyandrost-5-Ene-17-Uno de ellos es una prohormona cierto que convierte a la testosterona.

La testosterona es la hormona natural del cuerpo, no un esteroide sintético anabólicos como halotren, para que sepa lo que está recibiendo. No tiene los efectos perjudiciales de colesterol halovar y será mejor en la masa del edificio.

Utilizando 3beta-Hydroxyandrost-5-Ene-17-Una de convertir a la testosterona, que seguirá recibiendo la misma pérdida de grasa y los beneficios de la masa muscular de prosteroids extranjeros como halotren, sin el estrés del hígado y sin la vergüenza de demasiado músculo que se pierde casi al instante. Sólidas ganancias, el músculo de calidad más rápido de lo que podía hacer por su cuenta es la meta! http://www.XXXXXXX.com/halovar/

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