Hello: Hi guys, iam Joffrey, 30 Y old and on training since iam 24y old.

Hi guys, iam Joffrey, 30 Y old and on training since iam 24y old. i never tryed a cycle or something else. all day natty. but now there is a point of no progress so i think about my first cycle…

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Welcome Joffrey, hope u r fine! Please talk us about u r planning for 1st cycle. Something in mind?

If you are American, running test only in first time its a must…almost lol. Here in south we are a bit “softer” with that “rule”

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i thought about a test only 20 weeks cycle with 350 or 500mg/w or 350/w testo with 250/w drosta(masterolon)

what u think? i want to build no mass, just solid muscles and look lean/clean all the day and build more muscles. is this the right way for this?

btw. iam no american :wink: just a guy from the human race :mrgreen:

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-.- so stupid from me, wrong post.

Oh sorry, forgot the Stats.

Age: 28
Heigh: 183cm
Bf: 13-15%
Lifting since 4 Years now

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and what do u mean with “in south u be a bit softer with that rule”?

is it to low?
my train partner runs a 350mg/w Testo-p cycle only for 20weeks. He thinks about to go 500mg/w or stack it with others. its also his first cycle.

i dont know if i should follow him or go a “better” way

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350T is a waste, 500 :expressionless: maybe (cause ur stats) , if u choose only T option go at least 600mg EW, and get an AI (a real AI, not teardrops friend)

Only T , Its likely you get massive, bloaty look. Id rather a test & mast bundle (just assure yourself to get a quality gear) . Since it is lean gains you want, keep the test at a low dose and masteron should be the primary aas for your cycle. Remember it’s scheduled EOD

I’d dear to suggest :
12 weeks
250-300mg Test EW
110-140mg EOD

Keep Nolva Handy, and take it only if you get E2 sides. I tought its not necesary an AI for this one.

Sorry for delay !

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ok, the german guys always say take 350mg/w in the first cycle as long as u can :lol:

i go for 500mg/w - 600mg/w testo only first for 10-15weeks, then brigde for 5 weeks and then go test/masteron cycle?
ED is no problem for me

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You are correct Durden, I have read many threads where guys on here are not afraid to recommend ‘stacking’ on their first cycle, which to me is difficult to comprehend. If you are a beginner in this lifestyle you know 0 on how your body is going to react when introducing an AAS into it, yet many are willing to put 2-3 AAS into their body in their first few cycles. If you start to get side-effects how will you know which of the substances is the cause of them? This is without going into much detail.

350mg/week of Testosterone is a great first cycle which I personally recommend for 8-10 weeks. Make sure you have an AI and the proper PCT. The look that you are wanting is what many strive for but think that it is all accomplished by the use of AAS. If you are not willing to put the time in the kitchen/proper nutrition then ‘no’ AAS will help you in your goals.

I completely disagree with 350mg/week of Testosterone being a waste! Do you know how much Testosterone a healthy male produces weekly on the average? A TRT dose is in the range of 100mg-200mg/weekly. Am I saying that this the best method or correct way of doing it, no, but using this dose puts us in the range of a healthy lifestyle of 900-1100ng/dl. Using a dose of 350mg/weekly of Testosterone is 2-4x the TRT dose, do you honestly believe that he will not benefit from this? The OP is not even worried about packing on mass, he is more worried about leaning out. His main objective should be to spend more time in the kitchen/prepping his meals, proper training, enough rest and use this dose of Testosterone to help keep his lean body mass on his frame and avoid a catabolic state.

Why bridge if your hpta is shut down anyways? Might as well jump into your other cycle, do you not agree? I just do not see the logic in this.

By no means am I saying that ‘I am correct’ but I believe some of the members might benefit from someone else’s point of view. I’m always open to broadening my knowledge.

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Hello Inges,
thanks for this informative text.
my meal prep is perfectly. i eat good, many fruits and vegetables and perfect makro management.

my way is to build solid muscles without fat, so i think i go a great way with 350mg/w testo-p for 10weeks, and then iam going up to 500mg/w testo-p for my “second” cycle and then, the 3rd cycle will be a stack i think

your point of view is realistic i think. thanks for that.