Intelligent Fat Loss Tips

So you’re ready to drop some of that excess fat for the Spring, but like many people you’re concerned about losing all of that hard-earned lean muscle along with it.

Truth is, any time you lose fat, you run the danger of cutting into muscle as well. It’s a tricky balance you need to strike, but the key is to drop as much fat wile preserving as much lean muscle as possible. Here’s a few quick tips to keep in mind:

  • Be certain to get your protein in every 3 hours (this is key). Also, be sure to take some protein in before bed (no carbs though).

  • Try supplementing with L-Glutamine: it not only helps you get lean, it also seems to have a muscle-sparring effect in most people.

  • You can occasionally drop your carbs down pretty low to tighten, but don’t drop the good fats down too much. Supplementing with Omega 3s and/or flax seed oil can help.

  • Don’t make your diet too complex: lean protein is the key, processed sugar is to be avoided. Incorporating vegetables and shying away from breads and pastas as much as possible will maintain your carb intake and increase your necessary nutrients!

  • Remember, when you’re natural, it’s a tough job to drop fat and maintain mass. It can be done, but you have to go after it intelligently. Getting that constant influx of high-quality protein is really your #1 priority.

Bob Myhal**