Red Body Moles


I’m brand new to this forum & just wanted to introduce myself and say “howdy”.

Finally a stable site with colors that I can stare at - which really is good to look at!

I’m here to learn & get involved in the community. How would I best get involved?

Laters Ya’ll!

What’s up James, welcome to TuPicnho.Net, I hope that you find this page intersting like all of us.
Well, if you want to get involved just post as many info. that you have in this section (english) or if you know spanish just answer questions of the people; and if you also want to know some things just open a new post and we’ll be happy to get involved with you, ok

Once again Welcome.

how you doing james?

anyways if you want to get started on the steroids world, i recomend you to read first a brief explanation about metabolism, anabolism and catabolism… how hormones work in your body and after you read all that go by the section steroid profiles and read all of them…