Stairoids and use to have epylepsia

Hello everyone.

Im wrinting here becase i want to do my 1st cycle but im concearend about since i use to be madicated for epylepsia and ive been off it and its controled for more then 2 years would all staroids make it reapaear or is there some taht are okey to use in my state that i had epylepsia ?

Im asking this becase i dont want to hurt my self.

If so what would be the softest smooth Staroid to go for ?


With your problem i not recomend the use of EAA`s,sorry :frowning:

you dont recomeand me the use of EAA`s even tho i dont sufer it anymore and im off medicatcion for more then 2 years ?

Not even the soft roids ?