STEALTH INJECTABLES - El futuro de los vials...

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Sachets - Future Of Injectables?

The Evolution Of Injectable Steroid. 5ml’s of injectable steroids in a slick new packet I can remember over half a decade ago, when paper anabolics first burst onto the scene. They originated in Thailand, and were in huge demand- as they still are. This raised a question in everyone

The Evolution Of Injectable Steroid. 5ml’s of injectable steroids in a slick new packet

Now, nearly half a decade later, this product has arrived on the underground scene. Before I get into that, I’m going to tell you what I won’t do. I won’t be helping customs figure out how to stop this product, or helping anyone obtain it. Everybody in the underground scene was done a great disservice a few years back when paper anabolics and a description of them appeared in a very well known steroid book, as well a major bodybuilding magazine, finally having pictures of them appearing in an obnoxious newsletter that somehow everyone in the world ended up on the mailing list for. That’s not going to happen here, I’ll assure you. Thankfully, paper anabolics are still a great way to safely receive oral anabolics; and finally there’s a way to safely receive injectables too!

The main problem with figuring out a way to safely transport injectable anabolics is how to keep them sterile, and yet still transport them in a container that will get through customs. A few manufacturers in the past (kind of) solved this issue by shipping in bottles of dubious quality and sterility, labeling them as something else. And you know what? It worked- kind of. The problem was that the bottles weren’t really sterile and once you had them, you had to transfer the oil into a sterile multi use vial, and filter it, then perhaps bake it- in order to insure that it was sterile. It was a pain in the ass, honestly, and that manufacturer eventually went out of business. So until recently, that was the end of the story.

Now, there’s something new on the underground market, which is good news to everyone who wants their injectable oils guaranteed to arrive safely. I first heard about this product about half a year ago, and now that I have the manufacturer’s permission, I’m going to tell you about it. The product is known by some people (for obvious reasons) as “Stealth Injectables” and is produced by the Natural-Oils company.

Before I go any further, let me state that the products I’m telling you about are clean, sterile, and accurately dosed. And now I’m going to tell you how this has been accomplished…

When you and I go to the store to buy something that is presumably sterile, it often comes in a multi-use container. Think about antiseptic cream (Bacitracin, Neosporin, etc…). It’s sterile, right? And it comes in a little tube, containing the sterile cream. However, when you go to the hospital (or a piercing studio, tattoo parlor, etc…any Hygienic facility), the antiseptic cream comes in single serving containers; to avoid contamination…it comes in single use sterile sachets…that’s actually more safe than the multi use containers, because there’s no risk of opening the container and then resealing it. Amps use the same technology- sealed single use containers of oil. Well, if you combine those two ideas…you’ll have an idea of what this underground manufacturer has done.

What we have here is a sachet that contains 5mls of sterile anabolic steroid oil, and can be mailed anywhere without detection:

SO all you have to do is stick a needle into the sachet, and pull out 5mls of oil and either use it, or transfer it to another sterile multi-use container. You can even pull out 1ml into 5 separate syringes, then cap and cover them for later use…whatever’s most convenient for your cycle…

So now, you can get sterile, accurately dosed sachets of anabolic oils mailed to you safely… of Deca, EQ (both at 200mgs/ml), Sustanon, Supertest (a high dosed testosterone blend), Testosterone Propionate (100mg/ml), Enanthate or Cypionate (250mgs/ml), as well as Masteron or Trenbolone Acetate (both dosed at 100mgs).

So it took a long time, but the injectable answer to paper anabolics is finally here. The quality of these products is high, as is their effectiveness- and the risk of customs seizing them is low as is their price. If you can get your hands on them, I highly recommend you try them out!

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caramba osea que pronto vamos a tener sachets inyectables aprobados por tu pincho eso es una buena noticia, ojala que esten disponibles para mi proximo ciclo que calculo sera el 2007