The Giant Shortcut to Sleek, Sexy Legs

If you’re looking to really carve some sleek definition into your upper legs, then you might try finishing off your leg training with this quad cutting Giant Set.

The Giant Set involves three separate exercises. The idea is to move right from one exercise into the next with as little rest as possible.

The first exercise is Front Squats. This exercise is performed in much the same manner as the standard Barbell Squat with the exception that the barbell is held in front of the body, resting on the upper chest, as opposed to behind the neck resting on the traps and shoulders.

Keep your feet in a neutral straight position, slightly less than shoulder width apart. Squat down using good form with your eyes forward and back straight, and then imagine pushing down on the floor with your feet to complete the exercise.

If you’ve never done Front Squats before, then balance can be an issue. Be sure to start off with light weights-even just the barbell-until you adjust to the movement.

Incidentally, it’s because the muscles must not only Squat the weight but also balance it (or stabilize it) that the Front Squat is such a fantastic exercise for all around leg development and definition.

The second element of our Giant Set is Leg Extensions. Use moderate weights and a relatively slow cadence or rep pace here. You should really feel your quads working on each and every rep.

Finally, you finish off the Giant Set with a high rep set of Sissy Squats or low-weight Hack Squats. Both of these movements are great for really burning up the quads and helping to develop a nice front sweep to the thigh.

Blast out as many of these as you can-I like to do reps somewhere in the 40-50 range. Despite their name, Sissy Squats require strength, focus, and a great deal of determination . . . especially at the end of a Giant Set like this one with the lactic acid is building up in those quads. And even light Hack Squats are no picnic at this point.


Front Squats 10-20 reps
No Rest
Leg Extensions 12-24 reps
No Rest
Sissy Squats 20-50 reps
Hack Squats 20-50 reps
Rest and Repeat if you can.