Underground labs and chinesse steroids worldwide

Over the past few years, those who have been paying attention to the world of Anabolic Steroids have no doubt noticed the emergence of the UnderGround Lab as the industry standard. The availability of Chinese exported hormone powders and their low cost have contributed to a new underground lab popping up seemingly every day. Although it is my job to keep up to date on these kinds of things, I couldn t even come close to knowing every lab s name, who ran them, and who their remailer(s) were. It would be just impossible every time I checked the major steroid sites, there seemed to be a new question about yet another new lab.

Anyone tried Good-Bro Labs yet?

And unfortunately, most of the labs that were on the scene were basically kitchen sink types of operations. Granted, reports of actual abscess were rare, still less-than-sterile gear produced in less-than-sterile conditions is always a concern for the consumer. Unlike at EliteFitness.com where member support keeps the site online, many underground labs give a site’s staff free products to use, and then get the staff s endorsement in return. I ve never seen somebody get a free product and then say it sucked. And when somebody got a free product, they would talk about how great a lab was, and they would promote it often and loudly. And so it goes, and so it goes

And frequent, this loud talking about a lab that is supposed to be Underground attracts a lot of attention… so we see underground labs getting busted left and right over the past few years - along with their customers. But the market stayed strong, and for every lab that went down, 2 sprang up, fed by the ability and willingness of the Chinese powder suppliers to fill orders.

Now, recently, we ve seen all of that come crashing down.

In what appears to be a joint effort between the United States and China, several large hormone powder suppliers have been arrested, and with the severity of the penalties they re now facing in China, I don t predict that anyone will step up to fill that gap in the near future.

I m not optimistic about the underground steroid market retaining the level of quality and availability that it had previously achieved (at least not any time soon). There will always be Underground labs, but in the coming months, I know there will be a drop in quality as well as quantity and availability of Underground products. The largest labs will likely soldier on - wounded but not dead and the small ones will probably go under.

This means that the market will likely move back towards human grade products. Luckily there are several worthy contenders in this field, but the one I ve had my eye on for the last few months is Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is the newest human grade pharmaceutical company that I ve heard about, and I ll tell you why I m so enthused about it s emergence on the market.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company licensed to manufacture several types of products, but of course, I m only concerned with their Anabolics, and not really their Aspirin…

Granted, this company produces much more than anabolics, including a whole line of medicines, NSAIDs/anti-inflamatories, vaccines, and other products that I m sure are great. But that doesn t really excite me… and I m excited…

And I ll tell you that the reason I m so excited by this company is that they produce products in sizes and concentrations that real steroid users would actually want, and with the quality and sterility of any major pharmaceutical house. They also have a system in place to avoid counterfeiting and copying, which has become prevalent in the world pharmaceutical market. Each product has a license number and other unique markers which can be used to insure that you are receiving a legitimate Balkan Pharmaceuticals product.

Granted, everyone knows that Karachi Sustanon is a good product, but it s annoying to have to crack open 3 separate amps and suck the oil up into a syringe. I prefer multi use vials. Amps just annoy the hell out of me. Ever break an amp while you were trying to crack the top off? Yeah, me too there goes five or ten bucks. And you need a shoe box to store 40 amps… but four 10ml vials basically fit anywhere.

So where was I? Oh yeah… Balkan Pharmaceuticals produces a bunch of nice injectable steroids in the normal 1 and 2 ml amp sizes, but they also offer 5 and 10ml vials (All the different Testosterone Esters, Testosterone blends, Primobolan, Deca, and more), as well as tabs (Winstrol, Proviron, Dianabol, Anavar, etc.). Hey, if you like amps, use the amps, but I know a lot of people will prefer the convenience of a 5 or 10 ml vial.

From what I have seen thus far, the vials are all nice concentrations of oils (some, like the primo is 100mgs/ml, while others like the Deca is a whopping 250mgs/ml), and the tabs are generally offered in 2 sizes (a 10mg and a 50mg size, respectively).

Their tabs are all different colors depending on the product, and they re scored down the middle with BP on this side, and the milligram amount on the other side. Did I mention how professional this outfit is? Honestly, if I was going to produce tabs and oils for practical use, this is how I d do it personally. You know why I d make tabs square? Because if you need to cut them in half to divide your dose, round tabs are a pain in the ass. That s why. Balkan Pharmaceuticals seems to have thought everything out.

Of course, I ve been able to check out some of the prices that Balkan Pharmaceuticals products are initially being offered at, and they re probably the best buy on the legitimate market right now. They are not priced below the average Underground lab s prices, but at the same time, they re licensed, guaranteed to be legitimate, sterile and accurately dosed.

I predict that Balkan Pharmaceuticals will set the new standard for human grade anabolics for years to come, and we ll be seeing a lot of talk about them in the coming months.

Anthony Roberts

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