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de los cuales son uno de los sponsor.
Le hice un pedido pequeno de 148$ americanos y les paque a traves de la westerunion a nombre de un tal DANIEL CHRIKI de TEL-AVI /ISRAEL , el paquete vendria por correo regular de la ROYALMAIL sin nº de track.
El pago lo hice el dia 6 de julio y me dijeron que el envio se realizo el dia 10 ,por lo que el tiempo de demora era de 10 dias mas.
Llegado el dia 24 les comente que mi paquete no habia llegado y me volvieron a decir que esperara una semana mas.
Luego de ello me preguntaron por mi direccion ,la volvi a dar y … sorpresa! cuando me dicen que la he mandado incompleta.

Como demonios voy a enviar mal mi direccion cuando me acuerdo perfectamente que la repase varias veces y ademas tienen tambien el envio de pago con mi nombre y direccion completa.
Me he dado cuenta que en varios de los mensajes que les he mandado por su web ,los mensajes aparecen mutilados ,creo que es por los simbolos de puntuacion gramatical,pero ni caso…estan cerrados en que es MI problema y que no me envian de nuevo el pedido.
Tengo copia de los correos ,es una especie de correo web,
y escaneado el envio de dinero para mandarlo al adminitrador que asi lo solicite,No edito los correos publicamente porque aparecen reiteradas veces mi nombre real y mi direccion.
Espero que os sirva para que no os engañen como a mi.

Saludos desde España


Hola hermano…

Postea todo lo que tengas por aca, pero edita la parte que diga tu nombre y direccion la idea es que jodan a ellos y no a ti…

Cualquier cosa comunicate conmigo por correo o por mensaje privado


Esto ya es el colmo,la denuncia ha sido puesta conjuntamente aqui y en


pues bien ,lhan borrado el post sin motivo aparente"el unico que se me ocurre ,es que genxxlgear es uno de sus
sponsor,ya he pedido explicaciones y posteare el resultado

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Title: It completes justice opportunity
Division: General Questions
Set Rating: Close

Priority: normal
Status: open
Created: Aug 24, 2006 08:10:48
Updated: Aug 24, 2006 19:23:47

Aug 24, 2006 19:23:47 - Admin
Hey bro,
We are sorry you feel that way. We did our part and our system is not at fault. There is no way for it to have made any error with your addy. If you feel you cannot order from us again then that’s fine and good luck. If you wish to continue using us that’s great but be sure to always double and triple check the info you put in so this won’t happen again.
Best regards
Team GenXXL

Aug 24, 2006 19:23:09 - Admin

Aug 24, 2006 19:19:20 - User
I feel much that this relation finishes asi.
but I do not think to continue discussing nor bothering but you to
Single to denounce the fact.
I feel it but who you
Good bye

Aug 24, 2006 18:31:23 - Admin
Again bro
you are the only customer that has entered an address and the system passed it our incorrectly?
Hey bro this happens from time to time it is not the system its the customers and they take responsibilty for it when it happens! We print right from the site and ship 5000 packs a month if the system was wrong then we would have many customer who are not getting their packages. You are only repeasting things becasue your english translations is very poor, I know thats not your fault bro, but If we cannot understand you how can we reply. We shiped the pack to the address that was placed in the system, there is nothing more we can do on this.

Aug 24, 2006 18:19:46 - User
Really that I get tired to repeat the things, not if they do it with
intention or is that they are entan laughing of my, the direction that
I put in the form was the correct one and verified, on the other hand
I have informed to them into the failure of its system that mutilates
the messages that them control.
I never have admitted to have put a direction incorrect because
serious lie and without but delay I am going to denounce them by
swindlers since never the package has arrived me and I am not going to
discuss by a misery like this, to only put it in knowledge of the
people, so that she does not find
but imprudent like I that is fien of you.
Without nothing but that to say to them


Aug 24, 2006 15:02:49 - Admin
Hey bro
Once again you provided us with an incorrect address, we have the proof as you admited to this, this is not our fault and no other supplier would resend this package free of charge. We have a amazing reputation on the sites becasue we deliver 100% of the time with a 110% guarantee, This is the only case where we do not resend when the user places the incorrect address into the shipping comments. You can say what you much but we have proof of this as you have admited this to us.

Aug 24, 2006 08:10:49 - User
Gentlemen of gennxxl:
With of all the effort that I have made to finish well this history,
you do not respond to the mail,si tonight I do not have the
satisfactory news will denounce the case
in different the forums from where I am member
She is one really hurts and that I feel it

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Title: problems with tickets
Division: General Questions
Set Rating:
Priority: normal
Status: closed
Created: Aug 2, 2006 08:34:38
Updated: Aug 15, 2006 21:24:08
Ticket is Locked

Aug 15, 2006 21:24:08 - User
Dear friend: I do not understand the translation very well, this saying to me that they are not going to me to send the package? the package which they have sent to an incomplete direction reenviar of you again in addition I am sure that the failure was of its system that not cogio long it of my direction I wait for its answer

Aug 15, 2006 20:51:44 - Admin
Hey Bro,
why did you not checked your shipping address before you paid this order.
Thsi is the reasosn why you can see the shipping address on your order, so ou can rechekc and get back to us if you netered somethign wrong or want to change something.
Now the order is send to the address that is added by you.
We can not reshipp, becasue this is not our fault you need to provide us with a correct shipping address.
We are sorry but we can not do anythign is your case.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.
Best Reagrds,
Team Genxxl

Aug 6, 2006 22:37:39 - User
I do not mean that those were you that committed the error if not that its system to the being a so long direction did not process it. Even so in post office they have not received any package to my name because I go every 2 days by work questions. thank you very much

Aug 6, 2006 20:22:55 - Admin
Bro we print all labels directly from this system they are not hand written or transfered then printed.
this is to ensure there are no mistakes that can be made on our side. If the address is incorrect or sometihng is missing then it was
not done by us. There is not much I can do on this for you as we did not make the mistake.

Aug 6, 2006 20:01:39 - User
it did not want to be redundante but I assure to him that to be written the whole and correct direction. kindly ****************

Aug 6, 2006 19:49:01 - Admin
thats the address you entered into our system, we print all labels from the system directly nothing is hand written.
if you entered the address incorrectly then we will ship it that that place, This is not the fault of the shipper if you enter the incorrect address information.

Aug 6, 2006 19:33:15 - User
NO, that direction is incomplete

Aug 6, 2006 19:18:19 - Admin
Once again you did not answer the question asked below…
dwas the shipment supposed to go to the beloe address answer with one word Yes or no?
To:************************** Alicante, 03015

Aug 6, 2006 19:09:55 - User
Dear Sirs, perfectly the direction that she places in the system because she reviews 3 times, you create you that I am going to send money and not to put the direction correctly? failure when trying verifies its system then in last days also to give my whole direction him cut the messages to me a strong hug and I hope to solve this shipment soon

Aug 6, 2006 16:44:18 - Admin
Hey Bro,
order 174813 was send on the 10th of July to Spain:
To: *************************** Alicante, 03015

  • this is the address you added yourself into the system.
    If we understand right now you wrote that this is not the correct address, how is that, you typed the address when you placed this order 174813.
    Now yxou sqay it should have been send to:
    **************************************** 03015
    alicante espa
    -please expalin to us?
    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.
    Best Reagrds,
    Team Genxxl

Aug 3, 2006 14:34:13 - Admin
okay great, thanks for that info.
thae package was sent and should still be in transit to you at this time.
please allow 1 more week to see if it shows, if it does not show by this time next week then we will resend a new package to you free of charge, please keep us updated.

Aug 2, 2006 17:14:44 - User
yes, this is my direction, but the package has not arrived greetings

Aug 2, 2006 15:25:43 - Admin
are you saying that you wated the package shiped to this address?
mi direccion completa es ***************************
yes or no?

Aug 2, 2006 14:49:55 - User
mi direccion completa es *************************** 03015
alicante espa

Aug 2, 2006 14:48:53 - User
Dear Sir: that direction this incomplete one, is what tries to command divided in several ticket yesterday to him because its system cuts the messages and it does not put whole numbers, next to this mail will order it finds out to see if now works greetings

Aug 2, 2006 14:21:30 - Admin
this was the correct address right?
To: ****************************** Alicante, 03015

Aug 2, 2006 10:29:22 - User
dear Sir, I have gone to post office this morning in case the direction was not the suitable one and was the package to my name but it seems that nothing has arrived at my name with erroneous direction a greeting

Aug 2, 2006 08:34:38 - User
Very good morning: The reason of writing so many tickets was that whole numbers were not sent because when putting my direction was cut, for that reason dividing between tickets 13295, 13297, and 13298, I wait for last night excuses if to the confusion a strong ToRDenkAk hug to me

Aug 21, 2006 17:14:28 - User
Friends of genxxl:
I do to them or does not do the new order to them, and return to send
the “lost package” next to this

Aug 19, 2006 15:53:52 - User
gentlemen of genxxl
they have tamado a sentence already?
I wait for its answer

Aug 18, 2006 18:27:10 - User
Yes, to make an order new and you enclose previous,o in their defect
to change it by primobolan in the right amount of the previous order,
so that they do not leave harmed you
by the expenses to send

Aug 18, 2006 17:57:33 - Admin
Also please do not open any new tickets please only keep all responces to this one ticket so that we can understand each other better.

Aug 18, 2006 17:56:54 - Admin
Hey bro
Im not sure what your saying here but I will try.
are you stating that you will place anohter order and pay for that if we also include the 1st order(missing order) in this for free?

Aug 17, 2006 23:00:01 - User
*********** gentlemen of genxxl, I am going to try to repeat the mail that sends this morning to them, without putting nothing of my direction then each that I write despues leaves the erased or cut letter, have realized of which in the section my to order appears the Address section like * deleted * ?
Good what treated this morning for saying is that did not want to badly end you then teneis good reputation and reason why I have leido I am good distributors,
although it has had the bad luck to begin the business badly.
As for me I can offer doing another new order and that adds the order previous to this new order and asi to pay them expenses to I of envio.
It is the unica solution that is happened to me then, single receipt messages saying that the error is mio and that is inadmissible at least while they do not prove the system, because this morning, the message:of Aug 17, 2006 10:06: 00 - User, ademas of which it has been published took this same one that I am writing and I do not publish myself.
I hope that we pruned to reach a solution for both, because it is not by the money,
, that is a 148$ misery,si not but well that it wanted to have a good supplier of quality
but that me of maximum garantia of exito
greetings and I wait for its answer

Aug 18, 2006 16:29:02 - Admin
Bro, let me make a suggestion.
PLease find someone that speaks English and have him write this for you.
Not only will you be able to clearly explain what you need, we can explain our side and we can then come to an understanding.
This is best for you and for us.
Warmest Regards
Team GenXXL

Aug 17, 2006 19:24:00 - User
Mr administrator the message of of Aug 17, 2006 10:06: 00 - User is much more long of which it is, I repeat to him that its system cuts it arbitrarily,
. him request tests and introduces in a message my whole direction and side like the short one.
. By the others if the estaria sent estubiera package in alicante and has not arrived, therefore IF it is his problem.
. *******************

Aug 17, 2006 14:56:09 - Admin
Hey bro
All I can tell you is that we sent this package to the address that you supplied us with.
you stated below that this address is incorrect, so what are we to do? we sent the pack to a bad address that was given to us by you or who ever placed the order. This is not our fault.
To:******************************** Alicante, 03015

Aug 17, 2006 10:06:00 - User

Really, that not like repeating to him that I have not committed ningun error.
It is enough to see the messages that him envie to see that its system cut them of arbitrary way.
In one of the messages you to me said who the supposed direction that commands to him was:

Aug 16, 2006 23:58:18 - Admin
Hey bro what your saing is that even know the address was incorrect you know that the pack didnt make it to Alicante?
There is no way you can say that and have proof or be 100% sure, if the pack got there and the address was incorrect it wold be sent back to the return address with in this case is fake becasue of obvious reasons. We shiped the pack once funds were collected and sent this to the address that was provided on the check out fourm.
There is not much more to it then that. Im sorry but this is a user error.

Aug 16, 2006 16:35:42 - User
What ested says has logic, and I assure that even with the incomplete direction the shipment has not arrived at alicante, that to him delo by insurance, the only thing that is happened to me is to do a new order to him with other products and that return to me to send the previous order along with the new one, paying I grasped the expenses of shipment, I want that she knows that I entrust myself in ested because she has very good references, but to be a test shipment the problems have been many, but also esteem its interest to solve
I wait for it its answer
ToRDenkAk kindly

Aug 16, 2006 14:25:33 - Admin
Hello again
Hey bro the system does not have flaws we send 5000 packages a month by printing the labels directly out from the site.
what you the customer enters as the shipping address is where the package is sent to, this works like any other mail order company on the internet. There is no way for us to locate this package after it has been sent, if the correct address was given then you would have the package and would not be in the situation.

Aug 16, 2006 11:32:25 - User
dear friends: I hope that this if they understand it, in addition that your system fails when introducing my direction, has not been received package some to my name in alicante post office, neither with the incomplete direction nor with whole, because of to have arrived they had reserved it, which it means that package has not been sent some, because to be thus tendria that to have certainty of the arrival of the shipment, AND THERE IS no IT, so respectfully I request to them that they investigate on the whereabouts of my shipment. I hope that this translated good. ToRDenkAk

Aug 16, 2006 07:48:36 - User

Aug 16, 2006 01:23:18 - Admin
now once again is this your address?
To: ***************************** Alicante, 03015
please answer with a simple yes or no.

Aug 16, 2006 01:22:27 - Admin
Hey bro
we have answered all of your questions, your english translations are terriable, and very hard to understant on 10 different ticket.
we have asked you several questions regarding your order and your address and cannot get a simple yes or no from you. You need to find
a better english translater in the future.

Aug 16, 2006 00:09:03 - User
Already it(he,she) sees as the message of the Aug 16, 2006 00:02:18 - User is the same that that of the Aug 15, 2006 23:58:47 - User but in case of the second one I have added my direction and as report to him(her) to cutting the message I ask him that it(he,she) should make you the test(proof) that exempts me from fault(sin) and fault(sin) to his(her,your) system
Up to tomorrow

Aug 16, 2006 00:02:18 - User
It(He,She) is even more, his(her,your) system beside poet fails and not to take(catch) the whole length of my direction ***********************

Aug 16, 2006 00:01:13 - User
I am going to prove(try) this time setting my direction in the message to see if it(he,she) cuts it

Aug 15, 2006 23:58:47 - User
It(He,She) is even more, his(her,your) system beside poet fails and not to take(catch) the whole length of my direction fail also in several occasions when to want, to clarify that it(she) was not complete and I had to try to put item(game) in several messages, to try to separate the letters and all the problems that I cause his(her,your) system that according to you is trustworthy I put it in doubt and you prop I urge him to that he(she) rereads the messages 13284.13290.13292.13289.13295.13287.
Where one sees of my efforts to contact with you, on the other hand and though they were not ordering it with the complete direction, to post office of alicante none has come package to my name, bony(osseous) that if it(he,she) has not come or you have a mistake graveo it(he,she) is that they have not ordered it.
I demand from them an esplicacion that does not base on the trick of which the problem is not his(yours) hope that with this translator there is understood well what I want to say, since several times have cheated me and you look like a serious company or want to clarify it in where


from I am a member
A greeting

Aug 15, 2006 23:57:17 - User
Very gentleman mio, his(her,your) system returns to fail so(then,since) I want to send a long message and in all that I put my direction it short, am going to try to order it him(you,them) without her(it)

Pages: 1 |
Title: possible solution
Division: General Questions
Set Rating: Close

Priority: normal
Status: open
Created: Aug 18, 2006 17:32:14
Updated: Aug 24, 2006 15:09:03

Aug 24, 2006 15:09:03 - Admin
Hey bro
once again you making another order and us sending you a free order aong with that does not benfiit us in any way, the 1st order you made was sent, where it was sent we dont know becasue you provided the incorrect shiping information.
There is nothing we can or will do about this as this is the only case where we do not reship when the customer admits on providing the incorrect address. We have an amazing reputation on the sites and in the industry bro becasue we are 100% legit, tou made the mistake not us, take some responsibilty for your actions and move on.

Aug 22, 2006 17:35:56 - User

Blessed it is God, again with the same!
Them I have repeated 1000 times since the direction comprobe several
times and was well, on the other hand I have informed to them into
the cuts that its system to the post office makes when treatment
return to write my whole direction to them, not because sera, but
demonstrated it has been in many post office that asi is.
I have solicitd to them to make another order so that they saw my good
faith, but reason why I see try to deceive to me.
By it completes time: They refunded the previous order to me if I do one new one,
returning to pay them expenses to I to send?
I believe that with this already this all said.

Aug 22, 2006 15:15:29 - Admin
Hey bro
1st off we are not scammers, we are listed on over 30 Body building sites accrss the internet.
2nd we sent the pack, the address you provided was incorrect plain and simple, you admited this was incorrect so how do you expect to receive this? We do not get the package back if its not delivered, there is a false return address listed on the pack for obvious reasons, so the pack is lost for good. We cannot take responsibilty for packages that are sent to the incorrect address that was given to us but the customer. We guarantee 100% deliverly if the pack is lost or seized by customs or of there are damaged products, you do not have any of these issues. I dont know how else to inform you but we will not be reshiping a package for free tht was alredy shiped to a incorrect address provided by you the customer.

Aug 22, 2006 11:51:07 - User
Dear Sirs of genxxl:
This is the third letter that I write to him, hoping to that you they
decide on the problem whom they have with me.
If I do not have answer tendre but remedy that not to feel to me
swindled and not to return to trust you. I believe that the supply to
request another package that I gave them, makes my good intentions
Has arrived them the package that supposedly they sent “already given
back”? I hope that if and does not lose anything. The new serious

Aug 18, 2006 17:59:21 - Admin
please only respond to ticket 14842

Aug 18, 2006 17:45:21 - User
I feel the avalanche of messages but debia to espresar my proposal, I
believe that the problem of the system is had in
the signs of puntuacion, such comolos accents and the simbolos. An
appreciation is single mia
I wait for its answer
a greeting

Aug 18, 2006 17:40:13 - User
another serious option:
TO MAKE a new order and that the money of the previous one to send me
also refunds it in products of you paying I of all the ways the
expenses of send. They are not happened to me but options since I am
lowering to post office every 2 days and appear not package to my
name, neither aqui nor in list of mail with incidences. Being opinion
of the mailman who even with the incomplete direction ,stored
for his return, and has not arrived ANYTHING
I hope that the translation is optimal.
Greetings of a client with little satisfaction

Aug 18, 2006 17:39:43 - User

Aug 18, 2006 17:39:25 - User
it happens again, I cannot send whole messages, because I am going
away them to make arrive as it is because I need that it listens to
the this rest of the message:

Aug 18, 2006 17:36:43 - User
second part of the message
as it sees the cut message, but it keeps it before sending it
ahi the rest of the message

Aug 18, 2006 17:32:14 - User

Dear Sirs of genxxl:
I do not have to that ingles speaks and can speak to him of
Anabolicos: - ( .
But I believe that the translator that I have released today makes
well his work. First which I want to comment to them it is if they
have realized of which in the section my Order the section address
appears * deleted *, single is a curiosity. In case it has something
to see with the mutilated one of messages that I come suffering.
The question that tries to explain in the previous mail was the
following one: I do not want to less finish badly with you and by an
amount so ridicula, but I am not arranged either to that they impute
errors to me that not cometi.
I SOLICIT: to do a new order and that
sends the previous order along with to me this, paying asi the
expenses to I to send

Se como te sientes a mi me paso algo parecido y es para ir y matarlos uno a uno…perdonen pero recuerdo mi caso y me enciendo!!!


Este es el post donde reclamo a los administradores que reabran el post de mi denuncia
pero de momento nada,ni por privado ni por el foro.

Me extrañaria mucho que hubiera trapicheo entre sponsor y admin pero eso ,quien paga manda

ya contare algo mas

No hay nada que mascar,los administradores de steroidsuperboard estan sometidos a los
sponsor y ni me reabren el post de la denuncia ni les obligan a mandarme el pedido,nada
por lo cual concluyo con cierto mal sabor de boca e impotencia

un saludo y ya sabeis

ToRDenkAk /DcTurpin

Yo no puedo entrar en su pagina de internet me pueden mandar un numero porque a mi me recomendaron esta pagina.

Creo no leiste bien que estafaron al usuario independientemente que este post ya caduco checa fechas antes de postear.